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Quick-Step Arc Strand Woven 14mm Bamboo Timber

arc bamboo timber flooring Quick-Step Arc Strand Woven Bamboo has a very distinctive type of grain, that to many people resembles that of a traditional hardwood such as oak, but is a lot cheaper and lighter on your wallet and the environment.

Quick-Step Arc bamboo is strand woven bamboo a type of bamboo timber flooring that is made when strands of bamboo are cut and boiled then left to dry for a period.


When dried the strands are flattened under pressure. They are now ready to be cut into whatever size boards and planks are needed, then woven together and treated with an adhesive. The durability, warmth and natural beauty of this type of flooring, make it an eye-catching and atmosphere generating material that creates an immediate impression.

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Woven flooring goes even a stage further through the non-wastage of its production process, and the fact that the one point of concern with any wood style flooring has been addressed - the use of formaldehyde as a binding agent. Strand Woven Flooring uses the lowest in the industry, while still creating the most durable flooring available.

The durability and toughness of this type of flooring makes it very hard to beat when used in high traffic areas not to mention it is very easy to clean. Arc strand woven bamboo tends to be more moisture resistant than traditional bamboo flooring. This can greatly increase the life span of your floor.

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This durability gives this flooring an adaptability, making it the perfect choice for all types of environment. This type of flooring is the latest material available in the bamboo timber floor industry, and it is the one that has most to offer for those looking for something different, yet enduring and environmentally friendly sustainable flooring.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose

Quick-Step Arc Bamboo Strand Woven 14mm Flooring

( Quick-Step Arc Bamboo - The Top Shelf Bamboo )

  1. Solid Strand woven Construction for additional stability

  2. Genuine Uniclic profile on all four sides: the worlds best!

  3. Lifetime Structural Warranty

  4. 11 Coats of Polyurethane Applied for Durability

  5. GECA certified-Good Environmental Choice Australia

  6. FSC Certified for strong environmental credentials

  7. 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty (Conditions Apply)

  8. Can be sanded back and re-coated in years to come

  9. Trusted Brands are extremely important

  10. You can buy a cheaper alternative but will you be happy

Please Note:

Quick-Step Arc Strand Woven Bamboo is designed to be
floated over underlay. Not designed to be direct stick ( Glued ) to floor.

World famous Uniclic
joining system

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Uniclic joining system offers you 100%
guaranteed joins and easy installation

  • Arc Bamboo Strand Woven 14mm Timber Flooring - Natural
  • Arc Bamboo Strand Woven 14mm Timber Flooring - Coffee
  • Arc Bamboo Strand Woven 14mm Timber Flooring - Limed White