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Country Plank Timber Flooring

What is Country Plank? country plank timber flooringIf you've been searching for a timber floor that offers authenticity, Style and Character without the problems of warping, cupping or those large unsightly gaps, look no further. Combining the advantages of a floating timber floor with the authenticity of finish on-site floorboards, Country Plank by Premium Floors offers the traditional floorboard look with your choice of coatings.

You can even stain the natural boards before coating them to achieve your own individual look! Country Plank is all about CHOICE

!It's Your Choice.... You Choose the Timber - With a range of 5 different timbers, Country Plank allows you to set the ambience of your home or commercial area.

You Choose the Finish - Country Plank allows you to select from a wide range of approved coatings. Whether it's the warm, tough, low maintenance strength of a solvent based coating, the natural "old world" feel of an oil based coating or the ease and simplicity of a water based coating, Country Plank can accommodate you.

You Choose the Gloss Level Select from a wide range of gloss levels from High Gloss to Satin or Matt.... or anywhere in between. Interested in Staining? For a little more, you can even stain your Country Plank floor to better match your taste and decor.

  • Moisture Resistant
  • Indentation Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Cigarette Burn Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Color Range 5
  • Emissions E=1
  • Residential Wear
  • Warranty 15 yrs

No More Unsightly Gaps Country Plank is incredibly dimensionally stable, we've made it that way! In fact, Country Plank will shrink or expand up to 15 times less than a traditional solid floorboard in service.

Re-Sandable Country Plank is as re-sandable as a traditional solid 19mm thick floorboard, ensuring that, given a little maintenance, you will have a floor for life!

Why Buy Country Plank? Lifetime Structural Warranty Every Country Plank Floor is sold with a Lifetime Structural Warranty preventing warping, buckling, twisting or delamination of any board.

Traditional Appeal Country Plank being coated after installation offers a fully sealed timber floor, providing a traditional finish only interrupted by the natural variations of timber tone. The nominal plank is size 2085mm long and 136mm wide with some nested lengths in most packs to add authenticity.

Environmentally Friendly The 8mm Core of each and every Country Plank Board is made using one of the world's most environmentally friendly plantation hardwoods. The 2mm balancing layer, lining the bottom of each board is also derived from plantation sources. All top layer timber is sourced from sustainably managed forest resources.