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Arrow Sun Strand Woven 14mm Bamboo Timber

Bamboo Arrow Sun Strand Woven Timber
Arrow Sun Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring has attracted the attention of many leading architects and interior designers; working closely with our factory has allowed us to create our own range of designer colors.

When it comes to choosing a floor for your home you can’t go past Arrow Bamboo. Arrow Bamboo is an attractive alternative for any person making that difficult flooring choice.

Arrow Bamboo is synonymous with quality, and has grown over the past last few years to become today’s market leader in this specialty flooring product. Our passion is to manufacture top quality products that meet all international Quality Control Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13001 Environment Management System.

There are many bamboo products available in the market today ranging in price and quality and close inspection of all bamboo products must be made carefully.

Arrow Bamboo Locking System

Arrow Bamboo understands that it is one thing to manufacture quality strand woven bamboo , but without the right locking system it is like a land mine on a battlefield. The strength of the locking system is paramount when a bamboo floor experiences environmental changes or moisture increase, this being the floor expand, while at the same time creating pressure on the locking system. Inferior, cheaper locking systems can go BOOM! That’s why Arrow Bamboo’s locking system is 17mm in length allowing for extra support and strength.
  • Pre-Tension Force avoids gaps, dust or dirt and moisture can not enter along the join.
  • Anti-Creaking avoids creaking noises when walking on the floor.
  • Joint Strength is extremely high compared to other locking systems.

The Manufacturing Process

Cold Pressed bamboo has a longer manufacturing process which does incur more cost, but it does produce a product that is far superior in both appearance and stability.
  • No Cold Join: new cold press manufacturing technology produces a solid wide board without a join “no cracking” will occur like other cold press products.
  • Uniformity: produces more even colour and a select grade surface appearance.
  • Density: is consistent throughout the floor and a harder surface due to the 15 days under pressure at room temperature process.
  • Stability: (moisture content) is far superior with minimal movement when exposed to changing environmental conditions due to the longer baking time.
  • Cold Pressed bamboo is pressed at room temperature into long steel moulds under pressure for 15 days then it is oven baked up to 20 hours. These large bamboo blocks are then machined into boards ready for kiln drying and air drying.
  • Hot Pressed bamboo is produced in large sheets and is oven baked for 1 hour then left under pressure for only 1 day.
ArrowSun Bamboo - Merlot ArrowSun Bamboo - Whiskey ArrowSun Bamboo - Stonewood ArrowSun Bamboo - Fire Streak ArrowSun Bamboo - Straw
Merlot Whiskey Stonewood Fire Streak Straw
ArrowSun Bamboo - Sandhurst ArrowSun Bamboo - Licorice ArrowSun Bamboo - Ochre Sands ArrowSun Bamboo - Tea Tree ArrowSun Bamboo - Driftwood
Sandhurst Licorice Ochre Sands Tea Tree Driftwood
ArrowSun Bamboo - White Haven ArrowSun Bamboo - Vintage Brown ArrowSun Bamboo - Beechwood
White Haven Vintage Brown Beechwood