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  • Carpet cut to size and overlocked then fitted to staircase


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  • More examples of overlocked edging


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Eco Friendly Flooring - Overlocking Service

FREE Pickup and Delivery service
is available in Adelaide metro area.

To arrange pickup and delivery service

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Country and interstate clients welcome,
Courier / Freight costs will apply.

Overlocking   Runners
  Standard $ 8.00 p/m     Overlocking both ends $ 20.00
  Cotton $ 5.30 p/m     Escho tape both ends $ 39.50
Fringing     Wool fringe both ends $ 45.00
  Standard (wool) $ 10.50 p/m     Perisan runners mitre both ends $ 54.00
  Cotton $ 12.50 p/m     Mitre both ends with pattern match $ 80.00
  Woven Type $ 16.50 p/m   Extra charges for runners
Taping     Quick services for runners 24 - 72 hrs $10.00
  Escho $ 7.50 p/m     ( depends on season )  
  YKK $ 9.75 p/m   Extra Charges
  Wide (50mm) $ 19.50 p/m     Over 3.66 Min width or length $ 0.99 p/m
  Medium wide (75mm) $ 24.00 p/m     Over 3.66 Min both width and length $ 1.98 p/m
  Extra wide (105mm) $ 29.00 p/m     If extra labor is required due to large size $ 40.00 p/hr
Other Services     Good clean second hand carpet to be overlocked $ 0.99 p/m
  Calico backing $ 14.50p/sqm     To cut to customer patterns $ 2.00 p/m
  Is a protection sheet to prevent the back of the rugs from scratching hardwood surfaces     if shearing is required $ 2.50 p/m
Joining of carpet $16.00 p/m
  Hessian Taping $6.00 p/m     Miracle hold or grip $ 17.00 p/sqm
  is used to strengthen the edge of rubber back runners and rugs, adding extra life to your runner or rug, if a rubber edge is overlocked without the hessian applied, it will fall apart with minimal wear     Is a special backing applied to the back of the runner or rug to stop it from sliding, and also reducing the chances of a trip hazard by keeping the edges flat, miracle hold is used on hard floors and miracle grip for rugs on top of carpet

Minimum Charge $30.00