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Do It Yourself Guide

  1. eco floorplanWith your tape measure, measure from the highest point in the room in both directions, in the dinning room example Length. (6m).
  2. Repeat this process to get the width of the room, Width (5m) always measure from wall to wall or skirting board to skirting board.
  3. Be sure to write down both measurements and multiply them to get the square meterage of the room. in the dinning room example 5m x 6m = 30 m2
  4. Make certain that if you are flooring a kitchen you move the fridge and stove if possible. This will give you a more accurate measure. If you have a dishwasher, call a professional to come in and take it out and put it back in when you are done installing the flooring. Dishwashers are tricky because depending on the height of the flooring you can actually seal it in to place which would be tough to get out when it needs to be serviced.
  5. Repeat this process for each room requiring flooring.
  6. Once the measurements have been calculated, allow for wastage of 5%. 30m x 1.05 = 31.50 m2 Square meters required to complete this room is 31.50 m2.
  7. If scotia is required measure the parameter of the room, 1st wall 6m, 2nd wall 5m,  3rd wall 6m,  4th wall 3m has 2m doorway where c channel is required. So in total 20m of scotia and 2m C channel required for the doorway.
  8. Measure your house when it is quiet. The biggest mistakes are made when the person who is measuring gets distracted from what he or she is doing.

* m = Meters  * m2 = Square Meters

Eco Friendly Flooring Recommends the following Tools:

bullet Quick-step installation kit bullet Circular Saw bullet Jig Saw bullet Set Square
bullet Quick-step Undercut Saw bullet Cross Cut Saw bullet Tape Measure bullet Pencil
bullet Safety Glasses bullet Optional - Knee Pads (Non Scratch Type)