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  • At Eco Friendly Flooring we go to great lengths to ensure that our products are of the finest quality. We only source products that are produced from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.


  • For our customers based in Adelaide we can arrange for one of our professional team member who will meet with you and organize your project from start to finish.


  • Custom Designed Flooring with Diamond 3D Shaped Inserts


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  • Direct Stick Flooring


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  • Custom Designed Flooring with Tile Inserts


  • We can even do outdoor Decking and Flooring


Bamboo is made from fast growing renewable resource.

  • Incredible durable
  • It is easy to install
  • Water resistant, and Antibacterial
  • Cheaper than hardwood flooring

Bamboo is sustainable when used along side environmentally friendly adhesive products.

Laminate made of recycled high density fibre board and wood fibre from sustainable forests

  • Easy to install and if you wish, in moving house Uniclic it and you can relay it in your new home
  • Versatile flooring with a large color range many designs to suit any home environment
  • Staying within your budget

Recycled Flooring made from recycled materials.

  • Create a great flooring surface, rather than sending it off to landfill

Some products are not considered Environmentally Friendly when ( Stains / Fire Proofing ) has been added.

Cork made from the bark of the Cork oak

  • It is a sustainable type of flooring
  • Provides excellent insulation and cushioning qualities
  • It is naturally Antimicrobial

The tree is not harmed when the bark is removed.

Linoleum made form natural materials

Including dried and milled flax seeds mixed with other plant material. Pine resins, Wood flour, Ground cork.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Fire Resistant

Natural Carpet made from natural fibre.

  • Sisal / Wool
  • Jute and Coconut Husk

Natural Carpet made from used food/drink containers
( recycled polyethylene ). as it reduces material's sent to landfill.

A dyeing methods is used which produces less pollution and require less energy than other flooring. This is classed as sustainable.